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Alter: 24

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Musiker: 4lyn//36 Crazyfists//The Agony Scene//Arctic Monkeys//ärzte//As I Lay Dying//Bayside//Billy Talent//Bullet for my Valentine//Breaking Benjamin//Evanescence//Farin Urlaub//Gentleman//The Hives//Ill Nino//Juli//Korn//Mando Diao//Millencollin//My Chemical Romance//Nirvana//NME.MINE//Offspring//P.O.D.//Queens of the stone age//Raised fist//Red hot chili peppers//Slipknot//System of a down//Taking back sunday//die toten Hosen// Wir sind Helden. unsou.<3
Lieder: One Love//Compadres//Take it as a compliment//Slit Wrist Theory//Midnight Swim//I'll Go Until My Heart Stops//The Great Descent//Kenai//The Darkest Red//Screams Turn to Silence//Scars of Your Disease//The View from the Afternoon//From the Ritz to the Rubble//Deine Schuld//Nichts in der Welt//Banane//Dinge von Denen//The Darkest Nights//Blame It on Bad Luck//Red Flag//perfect world//nothing to lose//10 years today//cries in vain//tears don't fall//going under//my immortal//Tourniquet//Kein zurück//Sumisu//Dusche//Augenblick//Sonne//Nur du//Forever//walk idiot walk//if you still hate me//unlove//warum//wir beide//Geile zeit//4 U//right now//word up//if i leave you//home from home//I don't love you//famous last words//Tha'ts not a fashion statement, tha'ts a fucking deathwish//a day like this//out of envy//come out and swing//alive//little sister//can't stop//the nameless//duality//vermillion//36//fuck the system//Liar//Make damn sure//parasies//alles aus liebe//außer dir//von hier an blind//geht auseinander//sooner or later//the diary of jane, unsou.<3
Sendungen: Southpark.Drawn together.OC California. <3
Hobbies: hmpf ..

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